The different types of photography available

An amateur photographer has an excellent opportunity. They can see the world and share their moments with the world. There is no restriction on what stories can sustain their dreams. But to become a professional photographer, one of the first things you need to understand is, this is not only for your seeing. Your snaps are for the whole world to see through your eyes.

So the world of professional photography requires a structure and categories that we can follow and our admirers don’t get lost in the vista. The four main genre of I work on are:

  • Child Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Corporate photography and
  • Wedding Photography

I know this is sounding more like a work than a hobby now. And that’s true for photographers. Our hobby is our work. Let’s get into the details of what I do.

Child in playing in fieldChild Photography – Also known as baby photography, is all about babies. You must have seen tons of baby pics on Facebook, twitter, instagram or pinterest and they all look so adorable. That’s exactly what I do. It’s for the parents, for the advertising industry and for anyone who wants a little angel to brighten up their day. This line of work is full of surprises, unscheduled events and delays (as you can understand due to my ‘models’!) but these are undoubtedly the most satisfying assignments that I do. What is more adorable than a little bundle of joy making funny faces! The hard part is to getting them into position though.

Pa CakeFood Photography – You see the delicious looking ice-cream on an ad, or the rich, savory steak on the restaurant’s menu? Someone had to take a snap of that food right? It sounds funny and oddly easy. But let me assure you, it’s not. You need to set up the perfect background that compliments the color, texture and sometimes the taste of the food. And the client doesn’t always know what is going to look delicious on their shiny packaging. I need to guide the clients in many cases on a better color composition and placement for the food to appeal to the customers. And it’s not always what it seems, for example you saw the stack of pancakes with syrup on them plenty of times. But they are actually sprayed with a water resistant chemical before pouring on the syrup, otherwise the puffed up shape of the pancakes won’t last an entire photo-shoot.

Corporate groupCorporate photography – To tell the truth, these assignments are boring. Wall the PR material, office posters, flyers and magazines need these photographs. But they are methodical with well-defined requirements and invariably does not require any personal involvement. But the best thing is since the subjects are more eager to get it done than you are (or are inanimate objects) you can get the shoot wrapped up pretty quickly if you know what you are doing.

Bride and groomWedding Photography – This is what I love most. It takes a lot of time to cover a wedding and you need to get involved in the bustle of the crowd. But see a couple uniting for life and making their memories of the day makes me feel really happy and satisfied. I do a short couple photo session, intimate family gatherings or the whole function from the church to the final dance, basically anything my clients require.