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A brief guide to lighting

The most important single piece of advice I can give you is about the lighting. You must make sure that the light condition is ideal before you can even think of taking a snap. Without proper lighting conditions, you photos will look a lot different from the way you saw and envisioned it. At best it would lack a touch of life and look dull. At worst, your photos would shadowed and dark or over exposed and bleached white.

Child with camera

Of course you can take a picture with a flash, even in total darkness and there are many award winning photographs taken on the spur of moment. But that’s not technique, that’s luck and being at the right place at the right time. I believe if the light is good, then if you take a number of snaps, at least one is going to be good. But light is the first thing you need to take care of.

You don’t need a light meter, or a light technician to assist you. For natural condition the first rule is to keep your light source (in most case the sun) behind you and in front of the subject. For indoor condition, the same light source rule is applicable. If you need a flash to lighten it up, don’t worry, an automated flash is good enough for beginners and you can always follow the manual that came with the flash equipment. For advanced work, I am sure you will learn along the way and that’s when it counts.

Here are a few basic tips that I am sure will help some of you:

  • Start with the basics: You don’t need an expensive camera to take good photos, at least when you are starting. Start with something you can easily afford and let your experience guide you to what you want.
  • You camera is your friend: If you are seriously into it, you need to act like it. Keep your camera with you wherever you go and don’t feel shy or intimidated about your camera or photography. When you have something that’s worth taking a photo, bring out your camera and get to work.
  • Make a plan: Always keep your camera with you for the inspiration to hit you. But don’t be all passive. You need to make a list of subjects and settings that interest you and try to take the best possible snap for each of them.
  • Keep an open mind: A rare and beautiful sight might be hiding in plain sight. You don’t need the velvety grasslands of New Zealand or the picturesque villages of Greece to take the perfect shot. Even in your own living room there might be a story of light and shadow waiting to be told through your photograph. See through a fresh pair of eyes, the eyes of a photographer.

Black and White photos for your special day

This is where I specialize and enjoy myself the most. I feel like an integral part on the memories of the newlywed couple as I capture their memories for them. Maybe they also make me remember my own wedding.

There is a lot of pressure and expectation, and the most important thing is you don’t have enough time for a re-shoot, you don’t have time for a decent setting in most case. Therefore, you need to find the moments instead of waiting for them to happen, or for them to come to you.

Wedding day party

I prefer doing a few B&W or black and white snaps in the middle of the other shots. And I usually take those in a close up, focused way. Color photos are great, but they take in too much of the environment and everything else. But a B&W gives you the sense of time and intimacy the special moments need. It’s like since there is no color for your eyes to focus on, you see only the emotion, the joy and anticipation of the moment.

But there are a few trendy shots I am doing experiments with currently:

  • Overhead Shots – This is a total perspective and takes the photo out of the mundane. You can take this from a balcony or the windows or even stairwells. The goal is to create the perspective of an observer who was there and experiencing it from above.
  • Day-After Shoots – One of my favorite techniques is ask the couple for a session after the wedding where I can work with them exclusively, rather than sharing them with the whole crowd. It is far more relaxed. You can take your time and the couple can share their romantic moments, be themselves and enjoy the shoot.
  • Backlit Photos – These are perfect romantic photos taken usually at dawn or dusk with soft, natural light. The most romantic lighting possible for the occasion. This, I prefer, is more suitable for the bride as they make any women look like an angel and that’s something perfect for a bride.
  • Shooting the Proposal – Acting out that ‘one’ moment and capturing it on film is very popular. Most of the time I don’t get to be there at the first time, the real time (unless the groom makes an elaborate plan). So we go to the spot and try to re-create the moment that started it all.
  • Bridal Portraits – Taking a full portrait of the bride in her full magnificence is a must for any album. These are perfect cover photos, centerpiece and of course the ones you want to put in a photo frame.

The different types of photography available

An amateur photographer has an excellent opportunity. They can see the world and share their moments with the world. There is no restriction on what stories can sustain their dreams. But to become a professional photographer, one of the first things you need to understand is, this is not only for your seeing. Your snaps are for the whole world to see through your eyes.

So the world of professional photography requires a structure and categories that we can follow and our admirers don’t get lost in the vista. The four main genre of I work on are:

  • Child Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Corporate photography and
  • Wedding Photography

I know this is sounding more like a work than a hobby now. And that’s true for photographers. Our hobby is our work. Let’s get into the details of what I do.

Child in playing in fieldChild Photography – Also known as baby photography, is all about babies. You must have seen tons of baby pics on Facebook, twitter, instagram or pinterest and they all look so adorable. That’s exactly what I do. It’s for the parents, for the advertising industry and for anyone who wants a little angel to brighten up their day. This line of work is full of surprises, unscheduled events and delays (as you can understand due to my ‘models’!) but these are undoubtedly the most satisfying assignments that I do. What is more adorable than a little bundle of joy making funny faces! The hard part is to getting them into position though.

Pa CakeFood Photography – You see the delicious looking ice-cream on an ad, or the rich, savory steak on the restaurant’s menu? Someone had to take a snap of that food right? It sounds funny and oddly easy. But let me assure you, it’s not. You need to set up the perfect background that compliments the color, texture and sometimes the taste of the food. And the client doesn’t always know what is going to look delicious on their shiny packaging. I need to guide the clients in many cases on a better color composition and placement for the food to appeal to the customers. And it’s not always what it seems, for example you saw the stack of pancakes with syrup on them plenty of times. But they are actually sprayed with a water resistant chemical before pouring on the syrup, otherwise the puffed up shape of the pancakes won’t last an entire photo-shoot.

Corporate groupCorporate photography – To tell the truth, these assignments are boring. Wall the PR material, office posters, flyers and magazines need these photographs. But they are methodical with well-defined requirements and invariably does not require any personal involvement. But the best thing is since the subjects are more eager to get it done than you are (or are inanimate objects) you can get the shoot wrapped up pretty quickly if you know what you are doing.

Bride and groomWedding Photography – This is what I love most. It takes a lot of time to cover a wedding and you need to get involved in the bustle of the crowd. But see a couple uniting for life and making their memories of the day makes me feel really happy and satisfied. I do a short couple photo session, intimate family gatherings or the whole function from the church to the final dance, basically anything my clients require.

The Hidden Side of Photography

Picture a photographer. What do you see?

Like most types of artists, we have a certain version of what a photographer looks like, in our head. The photographer could be David Bailey, studying a person’s face, writing visual poetry, looking for the angle that reveals a person’s essence.

photographyThe photographer could be Helen Levitt. She’s stalking the city street with eyes peeled, and waiting for the shot that encapsulates the human condition. Or maybe you imagine Sean Penn in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. He’s sitting on the mountainside with his lens poised for the perfect shot of the “Ghost Cat.”

It’s nice to imagine photography this way – simple, honest, and effortless. Though as any master of any craft will tell you, the best way to appear effortless is to work hard when nobody is look-ing. It’s this — the hidden side of photography — that I’d like to address in this article.

Like it or not, a major part of photography these days is performed independently of the DSLR. Before the dawn of digital photography, photo editing was a skill the photographer did not have to be a part of. Those days are gone. Now the one with the camera must juggle their time and

Recently, photo editing has gotten a bad wrap. It’s seen as a kind of cheating, as though a photo is only real in its raw form. This is hardly fair. Imagine if a writer had to submit his first draft to the world before having a chance to edit it?

photo editingHemingway said, in A Moveable Feast, that “The only writing, is rewriting.” Why can’t the same be true of photography? The problem is that
people fail to see editing as an art form in itself.

In my experience, photography has always been a solitary endeavor. Most of my time is spent at my desk, hunched over as I weigh the cost of a stand-up desk against the advantages.

In a typical evening, you’ll find be reeling through the photographs that I’ve captured during the day. To me, some photos are completely useless. Others just need a little work.

As the night draws on, I agonize over angles and minor details, color vs. black and white
photography, and comparing one photo to it’s near intentional twin. Then I choose the better photo and the one that I would be happy to call my own.

Soon my eyelids are heavy, and I have to squint as I crop and add tints of color. When I get tired, I seek out motivation from Google. I search other photographers with skill far superior to my own. The painful green flame of envy burns me, and I redouble my efforts.

I hunch further forward at my desk, becoming more creature-like in the white glow of the com-puter screen. My back will never forgive me for this, but I ignore the pain and continue editing. I shave away at day’s shots until I’m left with a handful that doesn’t fill me with shame. At this stage, I send them out to the interest parties and bite my nails. I wait for the responses to trickle in. Worries play over and over. Have I lost my touch? Will I be revealed as the fraud that I
secretly fear I am?

The first responders ping up on my email with the kind and perhaps exaggerated praise, but it’s enough to let me sleep. I drift off to sleep, seconds after my head hits the pillow and I wake up to start the circle again.

Smart Phones Vs DSLR Cameras – Which is better and Why?

How many times have they promised us now? How many times have we heard it? “The new iPh-one / Samsung / LG has a camera so revolutionary that it will replace your Nikon Camera.” Every year tech nerds hold their breath, then exhale together in one big sigh as once again we’ve been let down.

In 2017 however, it looks as though the promises of these manufacturers are more than empty words. With the arrival of the iPhone 7 and the Google Pixel, DSLR users have had to take

Smart Phones Vs DSLR CamerasInstagram, Snapseed, Camera +, with so many apps arriving, on what seems to be a monthly
basis, are we witnessing the beginning of the end of the DSLR? Or has the end already passed us by, and we didn’t even know it?

I want to take a minute to review both photography options. Each has its benefits, and here I will discuss them and their finer details.

Pros of the DSLR

• Incredible Photo Quality

When it comes down to it, the DSLR still has the better picture. To photography purists and

Professionals, that will be all that matters, however, it’s clear to see that the gap in quality is
becoming more narrow with everyone model that’s released.

• Versatility

DSLR camera

You can always spot an amateur DSLR user. They’re the ones that never take their camera off of “Auto Mode,” missing out on the true capabilities of their camera. The problem with smartphones is that “Auto Mode” is the only mode it has available. If you find yourself in a dark
setting where you don’t want to use a flash, you can’t just change the shutter speed for the best lighting, and you can’t bring a city at night to life like you can with a DSLR.

• Extended Battery Life

One benefit of a DSLR over a smartphone that is often forgotten is the battery life. If you’re planning on a day of shooting, then you had better take this into consideration. With a Nikon, the battery is practically endless and certainly not something you have to think too much about. If you use your smartphone for web surfing, GPS, and of course what they are supposed to be used for, making a phone call, then you’ll need to have a pit stop somewhere with a charger.

Pros of the Smart Phone

• Learning Curve

With the exception is using a few apps, there is no real learning curve involved with a smartphone. You can achieve excellent photographs with minimal effort and experience. Com-pare that to a DSLR, where there are University courses you can take to learn the ins and outs.

• Size Smart Phone camera

As Chase Jarvis said, “The best camera is the one that’s with you.” This is the greatest benefit of the smartphone camera. You can fit it in your pocket, it’s always there, and it has the added
benefit of not making you look like a tourist.

• Cost

Although you can pick up a DSLR camera for less than a smartphone, the DSLRs do not work by themselves. They need lenses to explore their full capabilities. These lenses can cost
thousands of dollars, and if you want the full range of lenses and equipment, the cost could well exceed $10,000.

All in all, if you ask me which of these tools takes a better photograph the answer is clear. The DSLR is still way ahead. The day will soon come when the DSLR will be for the exclusive use of only the professional. Art is losing the war against science, and perhaps in our lifetime, we will witness the professional surrendering to our phones.

Moms get qualified from home and score a great job!

Are you considering of becoming a Phlebotomy technician, but you don’t have the time for school? Luckily for you, there are online Phlebotomy classes.  This allows you to become a Phlebotomy technician without going to a real school. Thanks to the World Wide Web, completing a course online today is a piece of cake.

phlebotomist-payGetting a Phlebotomy certification online offers you a chance to have a brand new career and to get into the area of medical work and get a higher phlebotomist pay.

Since nowadays people have tight schedules, squeezing classwork in is usually impossible, but online courses can be fitted easily and that’s what makes them great. This means that you will have a chance to finish your education quickly and start a new career. The fact is that the demand for the Phlebotomy technicians is on the rise, and there are plenty of job opportunities.

When you are a Phlebotomy technician, you are working in a health care setting, and with patients, directly. Phlebotomy technicians can work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, or other institutions that serve patients.

Your job is to safely and efficiently collect lab work from patients. This means that you will draw blood from the patients and send the samples to the laboratory. This job is perfect for those who are interested in getting into the health care field.

phlebotomy-certification-onlineLater, if you are interested, you can receive education in emergency medical services or nursing. In order to be able to take the online Phlebotomy classes, you must:

  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Pass a criminal background check

That’s all, believe it or not. You don’t need the completed pre-requisite college classes before you enroll in Phlebotomy training course. One of the best things regarding the Phlebotomy online courses is that you can take them at the time of the year that most fits you.

Many programs can allow you to begin whenever you want, while there are also some programs which have a designated start time in every few months.  The point is, that you can start the online Phlebotomy training very soon after you enroll.


Making the most of your Workouts

Whether you have just started your gym classes with the goal of accomplishing your getting-fit-this-year-resolution or you have been a devoted gym rat all your life, truth is, we always want to make the most of our workout every time. And good news for both, we always have a choice.


Here are 5 simple ways of making the most your workout:

  1. Make sure to munch something before hitting the gym.

Whether it’s a fruit or a gluten-free health cracker, it is important to fuel your body first before your hit the gym. You need to fuel your car before it can actually have a smooth run, don’t you? Some men like to take pre workout supplements for men to address their specific body needs such as protein for developing huge muscle groups. Whatever works for you, as long as you fuel that body then you’re good to go.

  1. Begin your workout with something you like.

I personally like to begin with brisk walking on the treadmill, after my 10-minute stretching of course. It is during this time that I can set my iPod to my favorite workout playlist and look around for familiar faces while I run through my goals for this specific gym session. Starting with something you like doing in the gym can give you the adrenaline that you need to have an exciting workout. It

  1. Identify downtime at the gym.

If you like to focus more on your routines with minimal distractions, observe for the downtime of your local gym. pre-workout-supplementHave your workout scheduled for those times rather than on peak time when people tend to crowd the gym?A friend of mine likes to work out with just a few people around because she finds it a little awkward when a lot of people show off their toned bodies; me, on the other hand like it when the gym is packed so I go there every 7am before I officially begin my day at work. Seeing people working out motivates me to do better than they do. How about you, what’s your preference?

  1. Share a trainer with your friend.

If the gym rules permit sharing a trainer, then this could be a fun way of working out. You get to do your individual routines together with your friend. Agree if you can do this with him or her then work together in achieving your goals. Having a friend during a workout can be helpful in achieving your goals too.

  1. Don’t forget to motivate yourself.

Don’t just drag yourself to the gym because you have to – be eager to go to the gym. Watch motivational videos or personal testimonies if those are the ways that can motivate you. Revisit the goals you have written for yourself as you envision them getting achieved little by little. Motivation is a very good pre workout supplement that you need to take every single time you go to the gym.

Living in New Zealand

I can’t even believe I am writing about my 6-months experience living in New Zealand. While I was finishing my degree in Nursing back in the Philippines, I have always pictured myself doing continuing courses in Australia or the United Kingdom; my friends and I have planned for that for a long time. And then as unpredictable as things can be, I was taken to another country by my destiny – yes, New Zealand.

I have learned so many things in a short period of time I have lived there and here are 4 of the most unforgettable and unexpected lessons I got from that trip:

1. What KIWI actually means!

This is ridiculous, as my friends would often tell me. I need to convince them by taking a photo of real kiwi; a flightless bird in New Zealand. We all thought they were fruits back in the Philippines. I see those on the grocery fruit section and they are rather expensive fruits not until I learned they are actually birds in New Zealand and also, how the people from New Zealand are called.

2. I’ve always believed that my country the Philippines have the friendliest people in the world until I came to New Zealand.

The Kiwis are the friendliest people in the world! While I was doing my research about New Zealand and its people, I have already come across blogs and articles warning me about the Kiwis’ friendliness; that part I didn’t take seriously. Until I got there and my, true enough, EVERYBODY was friendly in New Zealand. The supermarket attendants, the baristas or even common passers by were all friendly. You better bring a whole lot of smiles courteous greetings if you’re planning on going there, you’ll need them more.

3. People’s population is lesser than the sheep’s – True rumor.

You may have heard this joke about New Zealand a couple of times, but you’ll realize that it’s true once you get there. The vast land of greens and fields and you can just count the number of people you see. When I arrived at Auckland, I didn’t actually believe the rumor as it appeared to be just like an ordinary urban place with people doing about their businesses. The moment my foster parents drove through Wellington, I barely saw other cars around, even at the gas stations; that’s when I realized the rumor was indeed true.

4. The internet in New Zealand – what Internet are you talking about?

Netflix New Zealand

So this is the not so nice part of my experience in New Zealand: the Internet connection. Of all the countries I’ve been to, this by far has been the worst. I found communicating with my relatives back home really difficult because of the intermittent connection they have and I couldn’t even load Netflix, which was basically my pastime there. Is it because Netflix New Zealand is literally far from other highly industrialized countries? Or was Wellington too far from the main city? I’ve got no clue! All I know is my experience with the Internet connectivity was something I can never forget.